Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (CHU) de Bordeaux


The Electrophysiology and Heart Modeling Institute (French: L’Institut de RYthmologie et Modélisation Cardiaque), is one of six French university hospital institutions created in 2011 as part of the investments in the future program (“Investissements d’avenir”) to boost medical research and innovation. This institute, created by Professor Michel Haissaguerre along with cardiology teams of the University Hospital of Bordeaux, unites multiple specialties around cardiac electrophysiology from research on ionic channels (microgenerators producing electric flows in cells) to whole heart and patient care. LIRYC is a basic research, clinical and teaching centre focusing on the understanding, care and treatment of cardiac electrical diseases that lead to heart failure and sudden death. It includes national and international doctors and researchers in cardiology, imaging and signal processing and modeling, who have overlapping interests and skills in cardiac bio-electricity.




IHU Liryc
Campus Xavier Arnozan
Avenue du Haut Lévèque, 33600 Pessac-Bordeaux-France

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